[jdom-interest] JDOM interfaces

Normington, Paul pnormington at consilient.com
Mon Dec 18 18:29:27 PST 2000

We are interested in using JDOM, although we need
to extend it with some in-house additions (event 
propogation and listening, plus some other stuff).

We don't want to inherit from JDOM, because we need
to use our base class. We would instead create a 
set of parallel classes that implemented JDOM, but
delegated calls to real JDOM objects.

To achieve this cleanly, we would like to see 
interfaces defined for all the JDOM objects. Are
there any plans to do this? Then our objects can
behave just like JDOM objects and be passed around
into other libraries that work with JDOM, but they 
would have our own behaviour too.

Are there plans for interfaces? If so, when?
If they would be welcomed, we would gladly add them
and contribute this back to the project.

Paul Normington

Software Developer, Consilient Inc.

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