[jdom-interest] Suggestions

Gwenael Treguier gtreguie at inexware.fr
Tue Dec 19 02:58:57 PST 2000

First, I often use CDATA to pass binary data (ie, MD5 encoded password).
To pass this data, I have to encode the bytes in Base64.
Could it be possible to add this feature to JDOM :
   public CDATA(byte[] bytes)
Second, but here I am not sure for the XML Specification, when you have a
reference to an entity in a plain text (ie, Dear &name;,), it seems complex to
parse the string to find entity and then do addContent("Dear 
").addContent(new Entity(name)).addContent(",");
If you just setText("Dear &name;,"), XMLOuputter gives Dear &name;,
It could be done in XMLOutputter with :
  protected String escapeElementEntities(String st) {
     case '&' :
 +      if (!isEntity(st.substring(i+1, st.length())))
         stEntity = "&";

    public boolean isEntity(String str)
       int pos = str.indexOf(';');
       if (pos != -1 && org.jdom.Verifier.checkElementName(str.substring(0,
           pos)) == null)
         return true;
       return false;

Best Regards.

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