[jdom-interest] bug in default constructor for Document ?

Karsten Opitz Karsten_Opitz at CoCreate.com
Fri Dec 29 12:18:40 PST 2000


I'm using the default constructor for Document() and then set the root
element later.
The constructor doesn't initalize the content field. However, setRootElement
as well
as all addContent routines assume that it is. Right now, my workaround is
	Document doc = new Document;
	content = new LinkedList;
Not particularly nice, shouldn't the constructor take care of it ?

I've got some more questions (I'm quite new to the JDOM area, so please
forgive me
if they have been answered before)

* What's the best way to submit bugs like the one above ?
* Is there a list of known problems ? Where do I find the TODO.txt that's
mentioned in
   several articles by Jason ?
* Is there somewhat of a process to add bug fixes/enhancements to the code ?
I'd like
   to contribute but don't want to mess around with the code without having
a method
   to do at least some kind of minimal testing.


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