[jdom-interest] end-of-line character

Kevin Regan kevinr at valicert.com
Wed Jul 5 13:58:28 PDT 2000

All XML-aware applications that use an XML processor will
only ever see '\n', correct?  In this case, it does not seem
to matter how the document is output.  In this event, I guess
the question should be whether it is more important to output
the document in a standard way or output it in a way that would
be useful for viewing by standard text editors/viewers on the
system that the document is created on.


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> I reread the javadoc and println() is what prints platform-dependent
> line-endings.  The current version of XMLOutputter that I can have
> (pre-Rusty, I think) uses println() all over, which is correct. 

Well, why is that "correct"?  Remember, we had this debate after
Elliotte's change and standardizing on \r\n was fairly well agreed upon
for numerous reasons.

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