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Umut Ceyhan (Garanti Teknoloji) UmutCe at garanti.com.tr
Thu Jul 6 01:55:27 PDT 2000

Hello again,

I saw that your transformatter is processing Document with XSL and generating Document. What is the type of this document ? I mean, I use Document (XML) + XSL  to produce OutputStream of HTML or WML But you are producing Document. How can I convert your processed Document to an HTML OutputStream ?

Thanks in advance.

Umut Ceyhan

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> Hello,
> Could you send me your helper class ?  I have JDOM documents and I want to
> process them with convenient xsl sheets and produce html/wml files.
> But I couldn't integrate xalan package into JDOM (my JDK 1.1.7a).
> Thanks in advance.
> Umut Ceyhan
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> Hi there, We've been using JDOM for a while now and have included it into
> our framework. I have now encountered a point at where i need to Transform
> my XML documents vi XSL. Therefore i have used the Apache Xalan xslt. For
> having a straight JDOM oriented environment i encapsuled the conversion
> process in a helper class which takes a JDOM Document and a XSLT Sheet as
> input and returns the processed JDOM Document. My helper class is far from
> being finished but i think it is usable. I dont know wether there
> have been
> actions in a similar direction, so i just wanted to know your
> oppinion about
> maybe including such a transform class into the jdom package. best wishes,
> jakob schwendner picturesafe gmbh

here is what i've been using:

package org.jdom.transform;

import org.jdom.*;
import org.jdom.input.*;
import org.jdom.output.*;

import java.io.*;
import java.util.*;
import org.apache.xalan.xslt.*;
import org.xml.sax.*;

public class XalanTransform implements XSLTransform {

	public Document process( Document xmlin, StylesheetRoot ssr ) throws
JDOMException, IOException {
		// jdom -> xalan -> jdom
		// this method pipes a jdom tree into the xslt processor and
		// the resulting stream is piped into a jdom SAXBuilder again

		// pipe JDOM output to Xalan input
		final Document xml = xmlin;
		final StylesheetRoot xslprocessor = ssr;

		final PipedInputStream xis = new PipedInputStream();
		final PipedOutputStream pos = new PipedOutputStream(xis);

		// call a new thread which pipes the outputstream given to the
		// JDOM outputter into our inputstream.
		new Thread() {
			public void run() {
				try {
					new XMLOutputter("", false, "ISO-8859-1").output( xml, pos );
				catch(Exception e) {
				// FIXME: do some error handling that fits :)

		// now do the xsl transformation
		final PipedInputStream pis = new PipedInputStream();
		final PipedOutputStream xos = new PipedOutputStream(pis);

		// make a new thread which calls the xalan processor
		new Thread() {
			public void run() {
				try {
						new XSLTInputSource( xis ),
						new XSLTResultTarget( xos ) );
				catch(Exception e) {
				// FIXME: do some error handling

		// and finaly build your resulting JDOM tree from the pipe.
		Document xmlout = new SAXBuilder().build( pis );

		return xmlout;

	public Document process( Document doc, InputStream xsl) throws
JDOMException, IOException {
		// compile StylesheetRoot object and call next process method.
		// could use XSLTProcessor.process(..) as well. but too lazy by now :)
		try {
			StylesheetRoot ssr = XSLTProcessorFactory
					new XSLTInputSource( xsl ));

			return process( doc, ssr );
		catch( SAXException e ) {
			throw new JDOMException("could not get StylesheetRoot:"+e.toString());

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