[jdom-interest] CVS Help =(

julian.enticknap at aethos.co.uk julian.enticknap at aethos.co.uk
Fri Jul 7 08:07:47 PDT 2000

> >
> > [Windows 95] C:\>cvs -d 
:pserver:anonymous at cvs.jdom.org:/home/cvspublic
> > login password: anonymous
> > (Logging in to anonymous at cvs.jdom.org)
> > CVS.EXE [login aborted]: could not find out home directory
> >
> > What am I missing?  Is there an env variable I need to set somewhere
> > before running?
> Yeah, do this:
> set HOME=c:\
> Not sure why this is happening, but that will fix it...

CVS needs to know if you have logged in between called to the server, 
and it does this by storing the password information in cvspass. This 
file needs to be located for each CVS call after use have issued cvs 

Brett/Jason it might be worthwhile putting this little gem of 
information on the website as we are getting more and more anon CVS 
hits each day, and it might save a little frustration......


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