[jdom-interest] XPath Parsing

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Fri Jul 7 18:41:55 PDT 2000

> > 2) How large is antlr.jar?
>         937 k.

I just downloaded antlr 2.7.0.  The .zip is 1.3M, but antlr.jar itself
is only 61K.  What were you looking at?  At 61K, antlr is a reasonable
JAR to include.

> > For this the information we need to look at is, what's your purpose in
> > writing the XPathParser?
>         Mostly just I have the ability, and would like to see more
>         tools (XSLT for one) that use JDOM.  Though, I like reusability,
>         and if a non-JDOM project could use a generic XPath parser,
>         I'd like to make it available.  This is one reason I'm leaning
>         on ANTLR.  Someone else could pick up the xpath.g grammar and
>         do other wild'n'wonderful things with it, possibly.

OK, good reasons.  :-)  Sounds to me like it would be in everyone's best
interests (yours and JDOM's, for reasons laid out in the previous email)
for the JDOM project to host the parser in jdom-contrib, probably
org.jdom.contrib.xpath unless people suspect we'll have competing xpath
implementations, in which case we need something like


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