[jdom-interest] jdom for servlet / jsp

Hendy Hanusin h.hanusin at id.tedopres.com
Sun Jul 9 21:56:58 PDT 2000

>>You don't really say what you're trying to do with XML and JDOM here. 
>>These technologies are so flexible that I suspect it's possible to do
>>what you want, but I also think you might be wanting something that's
>>not healthy for you.  :-)

First servlet converts Oracle BLOB field (image) to binary base 64 encoding.
Then servlet uses JDOM to parse image to XML document (preferable using DTD
because I read Bob Gray's sample in vb and asp only using XML Schema).

Client browser receives XML Doc and activeX in client browser handles the
decoding from bin base 64 to stream/olestream (delphi data type).

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