[jdom-interest] Element.getChildren( "someElem" )

Beau Bisquette Beau at PostTool.com
Mon Jul 10 22:49:48 PDT 2000


I have a DTD describing elements which contain no text, but may optionally 
hold element(s), so a sample document will look like this:

<someElem Name="NumberOne" Color="Red"/>
<someElem Name="NumberTwo" Color="Blue">

When I execute a statement like this:

	List myList = OtherElement.getChildren( "someElem" ) ;

myList appears to receive all those elements which contain one or more 
<ItsKid> elements, and none of the ones which don't ....

Could there be a problem parsing elements which are content- and child-less 
-- i.e. those with the form <ElemName Attr="xxx"/>?

I have not yet done anything in the way of diagnostic testing -- that's for 
tomorrow -- but I have not seen this reported in the archive.  Am I missing 
something?  Has anyone else encountered this?


Beau Bisquette
TPC Productions
Oakland, California

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