[jdom-interest] ResultSetBuilder

Jools Enticknap jools at jools.org
Tue Jul 11 06:01:03 PDT 2000

On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Oliver Dill wrote:

> > Oliver> I was just looking for your ResultSetBuilder and couldn't find it
> in CVS.
> > Oliver> Did you remove it? Could you post it?
> Jools> Take a look in jdom-contrib.
> Jools>
> Jools> e.g.
> Jools>
> Jools> cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at cvs.jdom.org:/home/cvspublic login
> Jools> password = anonymous
> Jools>
> Jools> cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at cvs.jdom.org:/home/cvspublic co
> jdom-contrib
> Thanks Jools, I thought the contrib module is in the jdom CVS (there is a
> empty directory named contrib...).

I noticed that was still there the other night. Brett/Jason shall I get
rid of this directory from the jdom module ?

> But now the command causes problems in win95 beacuse the dos shell app
> limits command lines to 73 characters and so it will be cut:
> .../home/cvspublic co jdom-contrib
> .../home/cvspublic co jdom-contr<cut>
> For now I grabbed the contrib module by typing, but mistyping at the dos
> prompt is a pain...
> Couldn't we add a shorter login like "anyone" or "mrx" for windows users?
> "Anyone" would fine for me:
> c:\cvs.exe d:pserver:anyone at cvs.jdom.org:/home/cvspublic co jdom-contrib
> Or why not include the jdom-contrib into jdom? Other suggestions?

In order to make life easier for the core and the jdom-contrib developers
the descision was made to move the code into two seperate modules.

CVS is on the whole a little difficult to manage and this does makes
things easier.

If you are having trouble using cvs under windows can I suggest that you
might want to try using jcvs(www.jcvs.org) which is a pure Java CVS GUI.

I've used the latest version a few times and I find it quite nice to use.

Best of luck.


> Oliver
> >> jason> June 25, 2000 22:40:
> >> jason>
> >> jason> I just added an org.jdom.contrib.input.ResultSetBuilder to the
> >> jason> jdom-contrib module.  It builds a JDOM Document object from a JDBC
> >> jason> ResultSet.  It's code which I wrote but it's modeled in some ways
> >> jason> after the popular SQLBuilder class written by Jon Baer.  If you're
> >> jason> interested, take a look.  Discussion should take place on
> >> jdom-interest.
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