[jdom-interest] [Vote] NoSuchChildException

James Davies J.Davies at jacobus.co.uk
Wed Jul 12 08:40:39 PDT 2000

Same as Jools:

+1 on returning a null.

(And adding a boolean hasChild() method).


Dr James G. Davies
Jacobus Systems Limited, London UK

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> I'm calling for a vote among /committers/ on the NoSuchChildException.
> Please, folks, I know that there are lots of you have voiced your
> opinion (quite well), and I'm ready to put this issue to bed. So ready,
> in fact, that I'm reflecting it in my vote. But this is an open source
> project, and so we have the committers vote. If you don't commit (please
> don't take this wrong), please hold off right now on letting us know
> your opinion (we know it by now ;-) ). Bottom line, if you commit to
> jdom, jdom-test, jdom-contrib, vote here. Again, Jason and I are the
> only committers to jdom, which is where this code change would live, but
> for the sake of getting what we feel are important opinions from our
> other modules, we want to open this vote to all of those modules. It
> must be unanimous, and I am committed to getting this issue worked out,
> this week, before I dive back into code.
> So, the vote is this:
> Instead of NoSuchChildExceptions, null should be returned when a child
> is asked for and does not exist. This is an all-the-time, always-on, no
> exceptions proposal. If you are +1, say so. If you are -1, let us know
> why, and suggest your alternative. Folks, there aren't enough of us, so
> please don't go +-0 on this, unless you /really/ really don't care to
> ever gripe about our choice.
> I'm +1 on returning null (gasp!) Yes, I'm all for harmony here, and
> getting on with it.
> -Brett
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