[jdom-interest] ResultSetBuilder

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Wed Jul 12 11:55:33 PDT 2000

> > But does a "cvs update -dP" not remove the directory?  That's a magic
> > command to use whenever CVS gets confused about directories.  -d says to
> > build new ones as needed, -P says to prune away dead ones.  Don't ask me
> > why CVS doesn't do this by default.
> Apparently it's a long story, so I've been told.
> Seeing as you know how to doit, and I guessed you would, delete away.

This isn't a command for the admin to issue, by the way, it's something
every client needs to do.  It's one of the things with CVS that burns
newbies (and why people including developers from my company are working
on a likely CVS follow-on named Subversion).


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