[jdom-interest] [Vote] NoSuchChildException

Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Wed Jul 12 16:35:46 PDT 2000

At 2:52 PM -0700 7/12/00, Wesley Biggs wrote:

>I would make the use case that before I go using a construct like the
>example above, I would have validated the tree against my schema so that I
>know it's good.  (And I would make an additional case that the code in a
>"pure JDOM" validator is going to have to call the getXXX() methods, and the
>speed of validation really counts.)

This is not necessarily true. If the schema requires the child 
element, then yes. However what about a schema that allows but does 
not require an element? That's quite common in practice. In a DTD 
it's the effect of elementName? or elementName* in a <!ELEMENT> 
declaration; and of course not all documents have DTDs or schemas.

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