[jdom-interest] Ampersand question

Alex Chaffee guru at edamame.stinky.com
Thu Jul 13 00:40:13 PDT 2000

> >         Shouldn't the getSerializedForm output & instead
> > of &?  The outputter class does special processing to output
> > <, >, & as their escaped equivalents.  Am I missing something
> > here?
> Yes, but there are 3 versions of that method right now (beta4, CVS,
> Elliotte's web page) so which one has the problem?  :-)

Any thoughts on my suggestion to remove getSerializedForm()
altogether?  This would force people to use an XMLOutputter, with
well-defined behavior, or roll their own.  Furthermore it would
improve the separation between data and view.  "Serialized form" is a
view and has no real business being in the data object.

 - A

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