[jdom-interest] Newbie compile problems

Frank Cohen fcohen at inclusion.net
Thu Jul 13 10:43:23 PDT 2000

File this under the "never mind" category. I downloaded and unzipped the
JDOM distribution on my Macintosh, transferred the files to my Win 2000
machine and tried to compile. When I unzipped the files on my Win 2000
machine the build worked successfully. This is probably due to the cr/lf
differences between the Mac and PC. Oh well. Sorry to bother anyone. -Frank

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From: "Frank Cohen" <fcohen at inclusion.net>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 20:22:29 -0700
To: <jdom-interest at jdom.org>
Subject: [jdom-interest] Newbie compile problems

I'm using JDK 1.2.2 build 6 from Sun, downloaded the JDOM Beta 4 build,
tried compiling using Ant and got a compiler error complaining
NoSuchProcessingInstructionException is unknown. I looked into the code and
found  NoSuchProcessingInstructionException part of the org.jdom package.

Anyone know what I've done wrong?

Frank Cohen

H:\jdom\jdom>echo %JAVA_HOME%

Java and XML Build System
Building with classpath
Starting Ant...
Buildfile: build.xml
Project base dir set to: H:\jdom\jdom
Executing Target: init
----------- Java Document Object Model (JDOM) 1.0beta4 [2000] ------------
Executing Target: prepare
Executing Target: prepare-src
Executing Target: compile
Compiling 1 source files to H:\jdom\jdom\build\classes
H:\jdom\jdom\build\src\org\jdom\Document.java:252: Class
ngInstructionException not found in throws.
       throws NoSuchProcessingInstructionException {
H:\jdom\jdom\build\src\org\jdom\Document.java:264: Class
ngInstructionException not found.
       throw new NoSuchProcessingInstructionException(target);
H:\jdom\jdom\build\src\org\jdom\Document.java:353: Return required at end of
lean removeProcessingInstruction(java.lang.String).
   public boolean removeProcessingInstruction(String target) {
H:\jdom\jdom\build\src\org\jdom\Document.java:355: Class
ngInstructionException not found in try.
       try {
H:\jdom\jdom\build\src\org\jdom\Document.java:357: Class
ngInstructionException not found.
       } catch (NoSuchProcessingInstructionException e) {
5 errors
BUILD FATAL ERROR: Compile failed, messages should have been provided.


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