[jdom-interest] XMLOutputter and entities in <!DOCTYPE>

Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Thu Jul 13 10:29:23 PDT 2000

At 5:48 PM +0200 7/13/00, Gabor Greif wrote:
>It looks like DOCTYPE declarations as outputted by XMLOutputter do not yet
>contain the entities that were contained in the original xml document (as
>read in with SAXBuilder).
>Is this an oversight or an intensional omission?

It's at least deliberate from the point of view of XMLOutputter. JDOM 
doesn't really keep track of entity or any other declarations. Before 
JDOM gets to work with a document all the parsed entities are 
resolved. If you output the entire document, then it should be intact 
thought the entities will have been replaced by their replacement 

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