[jdom-interest] newbie Q on JDOM and XSLT

Peterbauer Karl Peterbau at kapsch.net
Fri Jul 14 05:54:25 PDT 2000


First of all, I greatly appreciate the JDOM initiative for developing a better DOM for Java than the standard DOM currently is. 

However, I did not find a satisfactory answer to the question about the interaction with XSL transformers, e.g. Xalan. In the FAQ I found "solutions" either by serializing the JDOM tree and feeding this stream into Xalan, or by firing SAX events. Sounds nice, but what Xalan actually does - at least I think so after having a look at the code - when he receives a plain InputStream or SAX events, is to build up an internal DOM tree and then perform the transformation.....
So the application already has an object tree (JDOM), now walks through the nodes for firing SAX events or serializing the whole stuff, and the transformer again builds up a second object tree!?!? 
That's ok for small single-user applications, but hardly acceptable for a web-based server application.
For such an application I fear that either the transformer has to accept a JDOM tree without intermediate processing, or the application has to forget JDOM....Or did I miss a point?

Karl Peterbauer

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