[jdom-interest] Intallation / build error

Kevin Broderick KBroderick at emg.ie
Thu Jul 20 04:51:03 PDT 2000

Working on the basis that only the stupid questions are the ones you don't
I'm gonna have to ask for some help. 
I've downloaded the jdom milestone build jdom-b4-src.zip and I've unzipped
I set the JAVA_HOME variable and then execute build.bat. 
However, I get this error during the build:

----------- Java Document Object Model (JDOM) 1.0beta4 [2000] ------------
Executing Target: prepare
Executing Target: prepare-src
Executing Target: compile
Compiling 1 source files to D:\java\jdom\jdom\build\classes
D:\java\jdom\jdom\build\src\org\jdom\input\DOMBuilder.java:316: Method
getPublicId() not found in interface org.w3c.dom.DocumentType.
                String publicID = domDocType.getPublicId();
D:\java\jdom\jdom\build\src\org\jdom\input\DOMBuilder.java:317: Method
getSystemId() not found in interface org.w3c.dom.DocumentType.
                String systemID = domDocType.getSystemId();
2 errors
BUILD FATAL ERROR: Compile failed, messages should have been provided.

Am I missing a step somewhere?
I'm running jdk1.2.2 on WinNT 4 if that's any help.
Any help greatly appreciated,

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