[jdom-interest] More changes

tsasala at hifusion.com tsasala at hifusion.com
Thu Jul 20 05:04:49 PDT 2000

	This is *slightly* off topic, but here goes:

> The two possible reasons for failure of getChildContent (bad name
> agreed) are that the child doesn't exist or the child has no text
> content.  I don't generally care to differentiate between the two most
> of the time.  I want to read the value, and if the value doesn't exist
> I'll output an error saying "no <param-name> data found" and that covers
> both cases well enough.  Or I can optionally specify a sane default
> because in specs like Servlet API 2.2 talking of web.xml there are
> places where it says things like "if this isn't an integer treat it like
> a negative value".  The code I wrote shows how error handling is done.

	If you iterated through "no <param-name> data found" with 
getMixedContent, would you get any of the spaces?  Only some of them?  
What does mixed content really mean?  "no ", <param-name>, and " data 


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