[jdom-interest] parsing xml file using jdom and javaDTDparser

madhav reddy mareddy mareddy99 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 20 23:04:41 PDT 2000

we are getting lot of xml files from our clients with 6 different types of 
DTD's.using jdom i want to parse the xml files, based on a particular DTD 
.any suggestions are most welcome.my plan is i want to use java DTD parser 
(down loaded from www.wutka.com).then extract the data from jdom document 
object(which represents the xml file) against the parsed dtd 
elements,attributes and attribute declarations(#REQUIRED and #IMPLIED) .i 
don't know this approach is correct or not.whether jdom API implicitly do 
the above thing or not.the reason why i want to do it explictly is if some 
thing is wrong with XML file, i want to know exactly what is wrong with that 
XML file.if there is any easy approach please help me.
thanks in advance
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