[jdom-interest] jdom setup

Jools Enticknap jools at jools.org
Fri Jul 21 08:39:08 PDT 2000

On Fri, 21 Jul 2000, Jason Hunter wrote:

> > > This is _NOT_ very helpfull if like me the person is behind a firewall
> > > thet blocks all access to CVS. Some of us are stuck with the
> > > latest beta (4)...
> > 
> > Sorry to hear that, however CVS access via the web will be available very
> > soon.
> Most ssh tools like SecureCRT can poke through firewalls.  Perhaps,
> Jools, you could set up an ssh server where someone could login
> anonymously but using a tool like SecureCRT to manage the firewall
> bridging.  The jakarta site has instructions for how to do this from the
> client side, since it's needed for committers there.  I would suspect
> there may be many folks who can't use CVS through their firewall
> currently.

Seems reasonable. However in the interim web access will be available
pretty soon. 

I was thinking it might be an idea to have an anonymous ftp account on
cvs.jdom.org which has a .zip .tgz and .Z files containing the current
contents of the CVS.

These files would get updated after a commit.

Comments ?


> -jh-

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