[jdom-interest] Can I contribute to the source development

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Mon Jul 24 09:19:07 PDT 2000

John Pearcey wrote:
> Who can contribute and how ? Are there any FAQs on any of the 
> sites to help me?

The current list of committers for each module are listed in the
COMMITTERS.txt files in the root of each module.  Committers are
selected based on merit and interest.  Non-committers can submit patches
(diff -u) that a committer then integrates, and good patches help
increase the likelihood you'll become a committer.

> I need to get a reference to the parser or the adapter class via 
> the JDOM.
> This is not possible at the moment. Is it likely to be added ?

You mean given the document you want to get a handle on the parser or
adapter that created it?  Since the parser just does the build, creating
a normal JDOM document untied to the parser (a nice perk over DOM)
there's no need I can imagine for why you'd need to do that?


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