[jdom-interest] Can I contribute to the source development

John Pearcey johnp at mmconsultants.demon.co.uk
Mon Jul 24 09:46:41 PDT 2000

>John Pearcey wrote:
>> I need to get a reference to the parser or the adapter class via
>> the JDOM.
>> This is not possible at the moment. Is it likely to be added ?
>You mean given the document you want to get a handle on the parser or
>adapter that created it?  Since the parser just does the build, creating
>a normal JDOM document untied to the parser (a nice perk over DOM)
>there's no need I can imagine for why you'd need to do that?

Thanks for the help Jason. Here's the reason for my query...

I am using the InputStream version of the DOMBuilder. The reason for this is
so that I can handle URL retrieval in a proprietary way. When the parser
wants to retreive the DTD, it has no idea of the base url and seems to
substitute the current local directory. I therefore need to set an
EntityResolver so that I can retrieve the DTD and pass it back to the

I've written my own DOMBuilder for now with a setEntityResolver method.

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