[jdom-interest] Adding a DocumentListener interface

Steve Meister smeister at zenimax.com
Mon Jul 24 13:52:00 PDT 2000

I have a need for this functionality too, but only when users are
interactively creating and modifying documents. The rest of the time when
I'm parsing and processing XML documents, these features are unnecessary. My
approach and recommendation is to write a set of wrapper classes. The GUI
works with XML documents using the wrapper classes as proxies for the JDOM
classes, and the rest of the system uses the lightweight, efficient JDOM
classes themselves.

Keep JDOM simple, don't add a feature that's only going to be of benefit to
a subset of applications.

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> I would like to have a DocumentListener interface so that the 
> parts of my app can be notified.  
> ...
> I'm willing to submit a patch for this, but before I do any coding, I want
to know
> if there is a better way (or currently implemented way) to do this.

Before we would add something like that (which does have a cost in API
complexity, execution speed, and memory consumption) we'd need a
compelling and common use case for what someone would do with the
functionality that can't be solved elegantly using the existing feature
set.  Can you provide that?

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