[jdom-interest] Important proposal: Element/Document changes

Steve Meister smeister at zenimax.com
Wed Jul 26 05:21:05 PDT 2000

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> From: Jason Hunter [mailto:jhunter at collab.net]
> "David W. Smiley" wrote:
> > I think getAttributeText() should exist instead of 
> getAttributeValue()
> > for consistency with Elements, _even_though_ an Attribute is always
> > Text.
> Only issue there is then Attribute would need a getText() method to be
> consistent with this method, and that's just plain wrong.  :-) 
> Attributes don't have text, they have names and values.  (I 
> had the same
> idea, but shot it down myself with this reasoning.)

Yes, attributes are name/value pairs, and while it's true that the values
are kept as text strings in the XML document, they could be numbers, dates,
etc., so it seems much more logical to me to have getAttributeValue.

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