[jdom-interest] Important proposal: Element/Document changes

James Duncan Davidson duncan at x180.com
Wed Jul 26 13:45:18 PDT 2000

on 7/25/00 10:16 AM, Jason Hunter at jhunter at collab.net wrote:

> tsasala at hifusion.com wrote:
>> Two comments:  is it possible to deprecate the methods instead
>> of removing them?  We have application code that relies on JDOM, despite
>> the fact it is beta :).
> I personally would be OK with deprecating for one beta round to give you
> time to change.  However, I'm firm there will be NO deprecated methods
> present in 1.0 final.


> Then the other method you propose would be addContentAt().  That's
> probably better as a Content form rather than Child form.  Hmm, we'd
> need five forms again to cover all bases.  What's the compelling common
> use case here?

And why aren't the collection based methods good enough for any of the use
>> I like the simplicity of getChildren/getChild over
>> getChildElement etc.
> OK.  Others agree or disagree?

I'm cool with scrapping "Element" postfixes.


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