[jdom-interest] Namespace problems in Attributes...

Eddy, Joel joel.eddy at medinex.com
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hmm i just downloaded the latest cvs... how would i implement the builder
interface now.. or import builder... im going off of the excellent java and
xml book from oreilly where you must say
Builder builder = new DOM(or SAX)Builder(file);
i tried bypassing and just saying
DOMBuilder builer = blahblah
but then the build method is not present.. any ideas?-----Original
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how did you get the SAXBuilder working.. dont you need the Builder class to
get it to work ... WHO HAS THE BUILDER CLASS... I NEED  

You are perhaps refering to a builder interface class that has been removed
from the JDOM source for months now.  Your messages seem to indicate to me
you have some really old code or possilby have some old JDOM verison in your

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