[jdom-interest] Namespace problems in Attributes...

John Pearcey johnp at mmconsultants.demon.co.uk
Fri Jul 28 02:17:21 PDT 2000

Thanks for your help - yes I'm using the latest CVS code.

The problem is that I don't know enough about namespaces to understand what
the code should be doing but here are the details that may mean more to you
than me:

The method startElement() in SAXBuilder.SAXHandler is called and an attept
is made at creating an attribute inside the 'if' clause:
    if (!attName.startsWith("xmlns")) {

obviously in response to finding xml:lang="en".

The four Attribute constuctor values are:
name = 'lang'
prefix = 'xml'
uri = [empty string]
val = 'en'

the uri has been retrieved from a call to getNamespaceURI( prefix )

The Attribute constructor then tries to create a Namespace object by calling
Namespace.getNamespace( prefix, uri ) which is the method that throws the

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>You are using the CVS code, right?
>I suggest you use a debugger or add an out.println() to the Namespace
>code to see exactly what it's doing.  Find out what prefix/uri pair it
>is choking on.  Figure out if it's getting confused somewhere.
>John Pearcey wrote:
>> I used the SAXBuilder with the Apache parser and get the following error:
>> org.jdom.IllegalNameException: The name "" is not legal for JDOM/XML
>> namespaces: Namespace URIs must be non-null and non-empty Strings..
>> whilst parsing a document that includes the following line:
>> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en">
>> It seems to be the xml:lang="en" that gives the builder a problem. Any
>> ?
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