[jdom-interest] ProjectX --> Crimson

Brett McLaughlin brett.mclaughlin at lutris.com
Fri Jul 28 08:03:44 PDT 2000

James Duncan Davidson wrote:
> BTW.. Just going through things tonight and found a something that continues
> to irriate. The ProjectX adapters are deprecated because of the donation to
> Apache as Crimson, but there aren't any Crimson adapters. Hrmmm.. People
> continue to download JAXP 1.0.1 which contains Project X and probably still
> use it. Woudln't it be better not to deprecate and just put a not in?
> And, maybe for those that want to use Crimson, we could have the JDOM
> adapter look for crimson if Project X isn't found?

Sure... of course, I reply in the great oss spirit ;-):

Want to submit a patch?

-Brett ;-)

> Just a couple o random thoughts....
> .duncan
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