[jdom-interest] Builder.build() write/append/create

Jon Baer jonbaer at digitalanywhere.com
Sun Jul 30 21:34:13 PDT 2000

I have a question (been away for a while), I think there should be a way
(inside of JDOM) to possibly deal with XML file creation (much like what
File already does).  Its safe to say that read/write an XML file is
JDOM's job write?  So there doesnt seem to be ways to handle something
where if i want to edit an XML file (by adding a new element child) that
there is a way to "append" the information, correct?  Im in the middle
of trying to create a profiling system like this where if the .xml
existed to use the current profile, if not create it ... but instead of
checking and manipulating, it seems like it should all be something
thats built in(?).

Please correct me if Im wrong.

- Jon

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