Vs: [jdom-interest] Merging Documents

Aleksi Kallio aleksi.kallio at infomates.net
Mon Jul 17 22:56:01 PDT 2000

  do you mean
  docroot1.addChild(doc2.getRootElement()); ??
Nope :) The problem is that JDOM doesn't allow Elements to participate in multiple Documents. Or that's what is seems, I really don't know..

" org.jdom.IllegalAddException: The element docroot2 could not be added as a child of docroot1 because it already has an existing parent (document root).
        at org.jdom.Element.addChild(Element.java:859) "

I have to remind once again that I don't have an access to the latest version of JDOM because CVS doesn't work (home dir not found). Is there a way to update the whole source tree using the web-CVS?

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