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tsasala at hifusion.com tsasala at hifusion.com
Mon Jul 31 04:12:33 PDT 2000

	Wouldn't artificially indenting and adding line breaks be
worse (in the XML world) than not?

	+0.5 ;)

Brett McLaughlin wrote:
> All-
>   Some subtle problems get introduced into XMLOutputter now that we
> handle whitespace correctly. By default, right now, XMLOutputter no
> longer does any indentation or line feeds. This may seem horribly wrong
> - all docs look all jumbled right? Well, actually, no!
>   Documents read in from an existing file (like contents.xml in the
> samples directory) come in now with whitespace and formatting preserved.
> So outputting that with the new XMLOutputter means it comes out as it
> came in (which is good - something we couldn't do even a day ago). This
> is because we finally hold onto whitespace and such.
>   The problem is that documents created in memory are the exact opposite
> - they need the indentation and new lines that XMLOutputter uses. So it
> (XMLOutputter) really needs different "defaults" based on the use-case.
> >From scratch docs needs the older version with indents and newlines,
> existing docs need no formatting.
>   Thoughts?
> -Brett
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