[jdom-interest] Having problem with latest source build

Don King Don at lagarde.com
Fri Jun 2 21:36:30 PDT 2000

Hello all.  I am working with the latest source files and I have run into a
small problem I am hoping someone can help me with.  I used the included
build.bat file to build the newest jar file jdom-b4.jar.  I compiled the
PrettyPrinter example again and when I tried to run it I kept getting this

error java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError org/jdom/SaxHandler (wrong name:

Sure enough when I looked at the contents of the jar file, it list that
class as SaxHandler and not SAXHandler.  When I looked at the java source
file for SAXBuilder it shows the class name as SAXHandler.  Am I missing
something obvious here?

I had no problems with previous builds I used before.  I can build it
manually but I thought I would see if there is something simple I can change
and still use the build.bat.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.


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