[jdom-interest] Spitfire parser

Brown, Bryan bryanb at upshot.com
Mon Jun 12 11:13:24 PDT 2000

I am writing the spitfire parser. The spitfire parser is an open-source
parser that I offered to JDOM, so that we can build a native JDOM parser.
I'm currently fixing a nasty bug that came up in a beta test last week. If
you are interested in beta testing the parser, or are just interested on the
source email me at bb at xml-technologies.com. Either way I shall upload a new
build tonight and notify everyone of the location. 

It is unclear whether it will be part of the JDOM release or seperate.

In the future, there are plans to build a "deferred" parser, which will
attempt to parse a document faster by deferring the parsing of certain
portions of the document until needed.


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> Hey,
> Back from Europe, my trip was awesome!  I have a quick 
> question someone asked me
> about the Spitfire parser and I know it has come up on this 
> list before, does someone
> have the URL for it?  Has it been/or will it be included in 
> JDOM releases?
> Thanks.
> - Jon
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