[jdom-interest] DOMOutputter and other thoughts

philip.nelson at omniresources.com philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Tue Jun 13 07:40:18 PDT 2000

> > > Nope - use the JDOM adapters to get a Document from a 
> specific parser
> > > implementation. Nobody is familiar with DOMImplementation 
> anyway...
> > >

OK but....
> > 
> > BUT .. if the eventual goal is to create a JDOM specific 
> parser AND JDOM
> > will support DOM, isn't a JDOM DOMDocument implementation 
> the best way to do
> JDOM does not and will never /support/ DOM. It will talk to 
> DOM and from
> DOM, nothing else.

At the risk of sounding dull witted, I still see a conflict with this
statement.  I really do remember earlier messages talking about a JDOM
specific parser.  The reason for the parser would be to allow deferred
parsing of parts of the document, a lighter footprint, no dependence on
Xerces or other parsers etc..  Since XSLT and possibly other tools do
require a DOM Document, the conflict I see is that in order to use JDOM with
DOM consuming tools, you reintroduce the need for an external parser
package.  So even though I may have the whole document already loaded
without the need for an external parser, I have to build a DOM document with
an adapter and external parser, load an XSLT processor and then process.  

Wouldn't a JDOM based DOM adapter satisfy the API stated goal of not
requiring the user to know anything about DOM?  Wouldn't it be more
efficient for outputting a DOM?  Wouldn't if fit in easier when the JDOM
specific parser was implemented?

All of these comments are irrelevant so far as the current discussion of a
DOMOutputter that could work with current adapters, particularly if a
different parser such as Spitfire satisfies the other parser goals that have
been discussed so far.  I wish this discussion wasn't taking up more of your
time when you only hoped to get the dang thing done without having to do it
yourself.  I would give it try but it would not happen before your plane
trip on Friday!

Thanks for your efforts which will benefit me far more than my efforts will
benefit you ;^)

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