[jdom-interest] More JDK 1.1 incompatibilities in Beta 4

barry_shultz at hp.com barry_shultz at hp.com
Wed Jun 14 00:35:18 PDT 2000

Hi everyone, 
 I searched the archives but did not see anything mentioned about the 
following: I had been using Beta 3, with slight changes so that it
would be JDK 1.1 compatible. In Beta 4, there's more 1.2-specific
code. Here's a list of the *new* incompatibilities:

(1) SAXBuilder method build(File) calls File.toURL()

(2) Document and Element methods getSerializedForm()
 throw UnsupportedOperationException

(3) Element contains calls to parseFloat and parseDouble ( Attribute 
already contained those calls in Beta 3 and I know there's a simple
workaround. )

Can anyone suggest simple workarounds for ( 1) and (2)?

Also, I really like JDOM, but I'm stuck in JDK 1.1.8 for the forseeable
future. I'd be happy to help organize/create 1.1-compatible versions,
if someone would like to tell me how to go about it.


Barry Shultz
IT Dept
HP Israel
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Phone : +972 3 5380420
barry_shultz at hp.com

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