[jdom-interest] Getting String from a Document

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Thu Jun 15 10:07:28 PDT 2000

>         On the flip side, is there an easy way
> to turn a string into a document?  We're using a
> ByteArrayInputStream now, but that seems a bit
> klunky and kludgy to me.  

Use a StringBufferInputStream.  That's not too klunky.  Right now
SAXBuilder.build(String) assumes the string is a systemID so it wouldn't
be very easy to have a build that took a string representing a
document.  I think using SBIS is fine.

> Also, why assume that
> all input sources of XML data are going to be
> 8-bit input streams?  What if the input source
> is a serialized string?  That's 16-bit unicode.

I doubt Java serializes strings using UCS-2.  I suspect it's more likely
UTF-8.  But regardless, you wouldn't want a build() that takes as input
a reference to a serialized string (which would of course be an

> The Stream verses Reader goes all the way
> back to the Xerces and DOM tho....

Well, we have a SAXBuilder.build(Reader) method.


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