[jdom-interest] NoSuch*Exceptions in JDOM

Brett McLaughlin brett.mclaughlin at lutris.com
Mon Jun 19 09:28:44 PDT 2000

Jim Rudnicki wrote:
> Lurking here I notice everyone dividing into two camps. Let me offer a third
> direction.
> Any function using the return value to return error codes I accept as bad
> design.  I thought we all learned this long ago.  A section from "Writing
> Solid Code" burned in my memory (but looked up, p91):
>   "Don't use confusing dual purpose return values--each output should
> represent exactly one data type.  Make it hard to ignore important details
> by making them explicit in the design."

Jim to the rescue!!! Thanks - I appreciate the reference, and I think
you have, among other suggestions, pointed out one of the fundamental
differences between Java and C - we don't return -1 (except indexOf ....
grr...) to indicate errors, as that is bad form ;-)

> >From this, the correct design choice is:
> 1. So getChild() should always return a child or throw an exception.  Null
> is not a child.  Exceptions are hard to ignore.  null is too easy to ignore.
> 2. If the program does not know if a child is present, it should, must, or
> ought to be testing with:
> boolean hasChild( String s );
> Alas, there is no hasChild() ?

There's not, but on the strength of this email, I'm willing to put one


> nite,
> Jim
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