[jdom-interest] Re: NoSuch*Exceptions in JDOM

Joseph Bowbeer jozart at csi.com
Tue Jun 20 02:30:10 PDT 2000

Dehar Rohit  wrote:

>>The thingy coming nearest to getChild() is java.util.Hashtable's
get() method (it returns the value to which the specified key is
mapped in this hashtable). It doesn't throw a No*Exception,
plainly returns a null if the key is not found.<<

I like the reference, and note that this pattern is also repeated
in the newer java.util.Map interface.

NoSuch*Exception is more typical of an iteration, where *not*
throwing an exception would lead to infinite loops.

Note: Both the 'Map' and 'Iterator' interfaces contain
existence-test methods: 'containsKey' and 'hasNext'.

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