[jdom-interest] PrintWriter in XMLOutputter

Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Wed Jun 21 06:39:21 PDT 2000

At 4:01 PM -0400 6/20/00, Thomas M. Sasala wrote:
>Jason Hunter wrote:
>> Another reason to use \r\n over \n is that it'll only cause issues for
>> Unix people who tend to be familiar with handling such issues.  In other
>> words, every Unix user knows how to remove ^M's, but not every Windows
>> user know what to do when Notepad shows one long line.  :-)
>	Dare I point out there are Mac users out there??

I resemble that remark! Seriously, every significant modern Mac 
editor I'm aware of handles \r\n automatically. I don't think \n or 
\r\n files have been a real problem on the Mac for the last decade or 
so. The only one that's a problem is SimpleText which noone uses for 
real work. Certainly UltraEdit has a lot more trouble with my Mac 
files than BBEdit has with my PC files.

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