[jdom-interest] New modules: jdom-contrib and jdom-test

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Fri Jun 23 15:46:32 PDT 2000

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to announce two new modules for JDOM, jdom-contrib and

jdom-test is the home for a set of automated test cases covering all
aspects of JDOM behavior, used to ensure the JDOM core library
consistently behaves as documented.  My expectation is that we'll run
these tests before every check-in.  Contributors with write access to
the jdom-test module include Brett and myself as well as Jools Enticknap
<jools at jools.org>, Elliotte Rusty Harold <elharo at metalab.unc.edu>, and
Wolfgang Werner <wwerner at picturesafe.de>.  Currently the module includes
a set of autogenerated classes (under the org.jdom.test package
hierarchy) containing test hooks that will be fleshed out and run with
the third party JUnit library.  Your help in fleshing out the test cases
is most welcome.  Send patches to the jdom-interest list.

jdom-contrib is a place for projects that increase the value of JDOM but
aren't (at least yet) in the core distribution.  Current contributed
code includes Alex's JDOMBean and James Davies' JTreeOutputter.  Future
contributions will include the XPath library Michael Hinchey posted
about recently and perhaps an XSLT library that someone else was working
on (it translated a JDOM document into another JDOM document). 
Contributors with write access to jdom-contrib include everyone from
jdom-test as well as Alex Chaffee <alex at jguru.com>, James Davies
<J.Davies at jacobus.co.uk>, and Michael Hinchey
<michael.hinchey at inference.com>.  (Although I haven't heard an official
acceptance from James and Michael).  Contributed code will be placed
under the org.jdom.contrib package hierarchy.  Currently we have
org.jdom.contrib.{beans,input,output,xpath,xslt}.  "beans" holds
JDOMBean and can hold related bean work.  "input" and "output" hold
builders and outputters.  "xpath" is a holder for the XPath library, and
"xslt" is a holder for an XSLT library.  If you have an interesting
contribution, or just ideas that someone else might pick up on, post to

Sample code for jdom and jdom-contrib has been moved under jdom/samples
and jdom-contrib/samples respectively.  We may break samples into
separate subdirectories as needed.  Sample programs will not be placed
under the org.jdom hierarchy because they are "starting point" code
instead of generally reusable library code.

You can anonymous check-out jdom-test and jdom-contrib just as with
jdom.  Just change the module name at the end from "jdom" to the new
module name.  Make sure to put all three modules at the same level in
your file structure so they can build using each other's libraries. 
(i.e. /cvs/jdom, /cvs/jdom-test, /cvs/jdom-contrib)  Let me know if you
have any problems.  If no one raises any issues, the next step is to
change the public web site.


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