[jdom-interest] [Fwd: More explicit Exceptions ?]

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Fri Jun 23 15:10:04 PDT 2000

> After having taken a closer look at the code of SAXBuilder.build (which
> created the exception when using SAXBuilderDemo), it seems that adding
> the file name could be done using the getSystemId method of
> org.sax.xml.InputSource and modify the code of
> SAXBuilder.build(InputSource) (starting line 227):

That seems like a good enhancement and a reasonable way to approach it. 
One issue though is that if someone passes only an InputStream or
Reader, there'll be no systemId.  Make sure you take care of that case. 
Why don't you make the changes, test the error handling from every
public build() method in SAXBuilder, and submit a patch?


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