Fwd: [jdom-interest] Disruptive technologies

Jon Baer jonbaer at digitalanywhere.com
Sun Jun 25 09:04:39 PDT 2000

David Williams wrote:

> Unfortunately, I can't be at the XML conference... But
> I did read Simon's article, and it was exceptional.  I
> think he plants a seed for creating a new xml-specific
> infra-structure for the Web (even if he says it might
> not be time for it, yet...)..
> The time might be soon, though...

I agree and I personally think the drive for personal wireless devices is what is
determining this, moving data beyond the web.  I think alot of companies are
realizing exactly how portable their whole backend could really be and finally
allowing for syndication of that data in ways that used to be impossible.  I think
the model 2 solution solves alot of bangs and that JDOM is the easiest to use as
being that "glue" for information.

- Jon

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