[jdom-interest] minor bug in TestCaseGenerator

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Sun Jun 25 23:44:21 PDT 2000

philip.nelson at omniresources.com wrote:
> ClassGenerator.generate( file, mangledClassName,
> "jdom.org.test.cases", mangled );
> should be
> ClassGenerator.generate( file, mangledClassName,
> "org.jdom.test.cases", mangled );


> All the generated classes need to be rebuilt of course


> Also in TestCase_PartialList.java
> Line 80 should read
>         public void testMethod_Object_toArray(){
> and line 83 should read
>         public void testMethod_Object_toArray__Object(){
> the "mangler" was putting ";" in strange places on these lines.

I'll leave this to the author of the mangler.  Not sure who that is
since there's no @author tag.  Jools maybe?  

I'd also like to see the generated classes include the license at the
top so it's clear they're open src too.  

> For the record, I am currently working on TestCase_Attribute.

Glad to hear it!


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