[jdom-interest] Embedding HTML in XML

K.C. Jones kjones at phoenix-pop.com
Mon Jun 26 17:40:41 PDT 2000

What Richard needs is support for CDATA.

There was a request during the discussions on CDATA for use
cases, and here it is.  He does not want to parse and fix
the arbitrary HTML fragments.  He has no particular interest
in recoding or otherwise customizing XMLOutputter.  He knows
what he wants:

 "what would be nice is if the <i> (or whatever) just keeps
  getting passed through untouched until the browser
  interprets it as html"

This is precisely what CDATA is all about.


Then again, here's an ugly idea: attribute values can be
CDATA type, correct?  There is no physical limit to the size
of an attribute value, right?  So it might be possible store
CDATA as an attribute value.  [With limited filtering of
single and double quote marks that may occur in the HTML
fragment text.]

Talk about an ugly hack.


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