[jdom-interest] Incorrect output

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Thu Jun 29 07:53:51 PDT 2000

> As to white space, I continue to maintain that keeping it should be
> the default behavior, and that throwing it away without an explicit
> request is non-intuitive and will confuse people. But we've  already
> been through this one.

Just please don't make it sound like JDOM doesn't retain whitespace and
that you couldn't have an outputter that made every attempt to match the
same whitespace as was present on input.  The only disagreement we have
is what the default no-argument getContent() and more importantly
getMixedContent() should return.  And outputter can use the form that
takes a boolean and can have full whitespace sensitivity.  I'm sticking
to the rule that the default no-argument versions should do what's more
common and what's more intuitive to a non-XML guy.


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