[jdom-interest] Opinion on paging (next/back) through XML data.

Carmen Delessio carmen at blackdirt.com
Thu Jun 29 10:46:18 PDT 2000

I have a prototype of an application that implements simple paging through an
XML file.  The XML is transformed to HTML using XSL.

I originally thought that I could handle this with XSL only, but was not clear
on how exactly to implement.

Using JSP, XSLT, and JDOM I did the following:
1. Start with an XML file of elements to be displayed
2. Create a JSP page that specifies XML file, XSL file, start index and items
per page to display.
3. The JSP file calls a servlet that returns the requested subset of the large
XML doc.
4. The servlet adds next and back elements to the XML file as needed.
5. The XSL file knows how to handle the included elements and the special next
back elements.  Links are created that call the JSP page with new startIndex

I have not seen how this is done in other systems.  Any comments/input?

I will post the code when it has been cleaned up a bit.


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