[jdom-interest] NoSuchElementException

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Thu Jun 29 15:06:20 PDT 2000

>         On a bigger note, we should probably consider addding a
> changes and bugs section to the web site and the download archives.
> The missing child problem/no such element change is bound to come
> up again.

I agree a CHANGELOG.txt would be a good addition.  It would be
especially good to have a document like this listing what changed from
beta4 to beta5 for example.  To help with this, we're setting up the CVS
check-in process so that commits automatically send email along with the
developer's change summary.  The archive of this can be distilled into
an accurate CHANGELOG.  Anyone object to such messages going to
jdom-interest?  We could set up a separate list, but if you're
interested in debates I suspect you're interested in action taken as a
result of the debates.  :-)


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