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John E. Conlon jconlon at verticon.com
Fri Jun 30 15:13:17 PDT 2000


I have been thinking about moving my applications from IBM xml4j_2_0_15,
xpk4_2, and lotusxsl_0_18_5 to the Apache technology.   Right now I do most
of my work with DOM and only some with SAX.  Also using IBM XPointer
support and bean support through the IBM productivity kit.  

Since I do not work with XML everyday, I dislike having to get the manuals
out to relearn DOM & XSL for the Xth time whenever I extend my
applications.    New to JDOM, but am impressed with what I see so far!   It
looks like JDOM can save me effort.  

Couple of questions:

1. Could someone please tell me where things stand in regards to XSL and

2. Also using Swing components and need a Javabean component wiring (like
the IBM productivity kit for XML/Java) but with JDOM.  Is something like
xpk being considered for JDOM?

thanks for all the fine work you have done so far,


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