[jdom-interest] re-jar the whole thing

ivanooijdom at mymailbag.com ivanooijdom at mymailbag.com
Wed Nov 1 03:32:56 PST 2000


  I un-jar all the xerces.jar and re-jar only those 
needed files, and this is the output :-

apache_xerces_framework.jar  (57kb)
apache_xerces_parsers.jar    (23kb)
apache_xerces_readers.jar    (85kb)
apache_xerces_utils.jar      (118kb) 
apache_xerces_validators.jar (166kb)
xml.jar                      (31kb)
jdom.jar                     (63kb) 

is there any licencing problems ? or any things else?
i prefer this because total files size only about 539kb. just nice for internet. (it works :-)


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